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Top 3 Estate Planning Concerns: A Checklist More Vital Than Groceries

2018-11-22T15:45:11+00:00March 15th, 2015|

It was a typical morning at Ellen’s house – find husband David’s socks, make breakfast, get the kids to school, and get to work on time. Estate planning concerns were the last thing on her mind. Stuck in traffic, Ellen focused on the day ahead. “What should I make for dinner?” she wondered. “Oh gosh, [...]

5 Facts About Workers’ Comp in Missouri

2018-11-26T06:18:19+00:00March 1st, 2015|

Has a coworker said you don’t need to see a doctor for that minor on-the-job injury? Or perhaps you’ve heard that workers’ comp insurance won’t cover you for the first 6 months of your employment? Be careful…your coworker may not be your best source of information about workers’ compensation in Missouri. Workers’ compensation laws are [...]