Has a coworker said you don’t need to see a doctor for that minor on-the-job injury?

Or perhaps you’ve heard that workers’ comp insurance won’t cover you for the first 6 months of your employment?

Be careful…your coworker may not be your best source of information about workers’ compensation in Missouri.

Workers’ compensation laws are quite complex, leading to many common misconceptions. For example, did you know that any Missouri employer with five or more employees and any employer in the construction industry with one or more employees must maintain workers’ compensation coverage for its employees?

The state of Missouri provides a website to help you confirm your eligibility for workers’ compensation: http://labor.mo.gov/areyoucovered

Here are 5 more useful facts about workers’ compensation:

  1. All Missouri employees are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits immediately upon starting work – no waiting periods. Employers in Missouri who claim differently may be committing workers’ compensation fraud. While fraudulent claims are uncommon, you can read more about this here. Always consult a qualified Missouri workers’ comp lawyer for guidance.
  2. Even minor on-the-job injuries require a doctor’s visit. Confirming your injury and necessary treatment with an approved physician is necessary for filing a workers’ compensation claim.
  3. Your employer must file your claim. As an injured employee, it is your obligation to provide your employer with all claim documents. While some employers will file on behalf of their employee, some may refuse to file, in which case you may file a lawsuit to protect your rights. Legal disputes over workers’ compensation claims are not common, but some claims do end up in court due to the severity of injuries. These knowledgeable Missouri workers’ compensation attorneys can assist.
  4. Workers’ compensation benefits are not guaranteed following your injury. You must file a workers’ compensation claim and seek state compensation board approval.
  5. Going back to work does not end your benefits. Accepting “reasonable employment” can help you to recover lost wages along with your workers’ comp benefits. If your employer offers you a light-duty job and you decline, your workers comp benefits will likely cease.

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