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Scammers and Senior Fraud in Missouri

Frauds and scammers are on the rise. The DOJ's Big Bust Proves it. Far too often, scammers in Missouri and across the US are getting the upper hand at the expense of seniors. Senior fraud in Missouri isn’t greatly different from other states. But the results are sometimes devastating. Aging adults and their families need to be prepared and stay [...]

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Is Your Financial Advisor Asking for a Power of Attorney?

Tom and Alice are a young couple who recently completed their estate planning documents with us. Alice reached out to our office, asking about a call they recently got from their financial advisor. The advisor was requesting that Tom and Alice each provide a Power of Attorney for his file. Alice wanted to know if the request was legitimate, and [...]

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Aging Seniors Supplement Income With a Reverse Mortgage (HECM)

What Exactly is a Reverse Mortgage or an HECM? More seniors than ever face challenges related to retirement, estate planning, and living well in their later years. Clients sometimes bring up the question of reverse mortgages. It's not the perfect solution for every person, but it's a legitimate option. Most of us understand conventional mortgages, as they are pretty straightforward. [...]

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VA Benefits are Increasing in 2018

VA Benefits: Is Santa being nice to aging veterans this year? As children eagerly await Santa’s arrival, aging veterans wonder what the upcoming year holds for them on the financial front. Will food and gas prices hold steady? Will they rise? By how much? What about Social Security benefits? Will they increase in 2018? If so, how much? Are VA [...]

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Holidays, In-home Senior Care and a Game Changer

When visiting with aging family members over the holidays (or any other time of year) it’s a great opportunity to observe and detect clues that signal a need for some form of care. The signs creep up on you. But you eventually realize that something has changed. Some kind of care needs to be considered. •    Meds aren’t being taken [...]

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What is Geriatric Care Management? What are the Benefits?

We recently had a client ask us how to get care for her father, while connecting all the dots between his health, finances, housing, insurance, and siblings that don’t always agree on what’s best for dad. The family needed a capable, informed, objective third party, who knows their way around the myriad of issues related to care for aging parents. [...]

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