Asset Protection

The Biggest Danger to Your Assets


Richard and Debbie came to us looking for help regarding their long-term outlook. In their fifties, they enjoyed great careers. They were living the proverbial dream, with assurance that their retirement years would live up to the promise they’d saved and planned for. Their future was predictably happy, with one important exception. Close friends, Alex [...]

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Addressing Your Disabled Loved One’s Legal Needs


According to the Center for Persons with Disabilities, greater than one in five Americans is disabled. And while we often hear about programs to assist the disabled, little is said about addressing their legal needs. Special Needs Planning is the solution. What is Special Needs Planning? Special Needs Planning helps families address the legal needs of a [...]

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“Mom, What Does Irrevocable Mean?”


Kids sometimes ask the strangest things, especially after watching TV ads. Eight year old Sally was watching TV one lazy Sunday morning when an interview aired between a local estate planning attorney and a news reporter. The topic was the irrevocable trust, a term Sally had never heard before. So she asked the smartest person [...]

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What Happens to Your Family When You Die


Everyone who knew Sam said, “He’s a great guy.” Sam was one of those people who seemed able to talk himself out of just about any situation. But when Sam suddenly passed away, his family found themselves with a mess on their hands, and no amount of talking would save them from spending an inordinate [...]

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Buying a Home and Losing Sleep?


Phil and his wife Marie began married life like many couples do – in a small apartment fit for two. As the years went by, the young couple’s dreams grew with their incomes. On their 5-year wedding anniversary, Phil broached the subject of buying their first home. Marie’s initial reaction was excitement. Sure, having more [...]

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Dissolving Your Missouri Corporation


If you want to dissolve a corporation in Missouri, you’ll undertake several important tasks. Closing your state-registered business entity according to Missouri state laws is as much about protecting yourself from the reach of claimants as it is winding up important issues like final paperwork and taxes. Formally, the process is called dissolution. While some [...]

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How Jack Got His Financial Groove Back


Going on vacation is not always easy, especially for Americans, who statistically take less vacation days than do workers in many other countries. Sometimes, returning from a vacation – getting back into one’s daily routine at home and at work – can be just as stressful. Jack found this to be true. Every time Jack [...]

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Are You Prepared for the Future? Really Prepared?


As estate planning attorneys serving Missouri residents, we often talk about what it means to be truly prepared for the future. So many people, especially young adults, fail to grasp the importance of estate planning. They believe only wealthy individuals need estate planning, or they think, “I’m pretty healthy. What could go wrong?” In a [...]

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Protecting Your Family Business with the Right Legal Agreements


If you own a piece of your family business In Missouri, and you are married, it is vital to consult an estate planning attorney to protect your assets. For example, do you know which types of property you should keep separate as a married person? Or how to prevent your interest in the family business [...]

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New Year’s Resolution: Gain Peace of Mind with a Healthcare Power of Attorney


With each new year, we make promises to do things better, to be healthier, to work less and enjoy life more…all worthwhile goals. This year, though, why not take steps to protect your financial future too? Having a will is smart, as is setting up a trust for future generations, because both protect your assets [...]

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