Senior Healthcare

The Superpower of SilverSneakers

2019-08-16T19:13:09+00:00August 16th, 2019|

SilverSneakers. It sounds like something out of a superhero lineup. That association might ring true for those who experience its benefits. Every day it’s our pleasure to work with seniors and their families. The work we do with them is often at the point where their legal, financial and health needs intersect. It’s not hard [...]

Are You Covered When “Admitted Under Observation?”

2018-11-22T15:09:45+00:00March 20th, 2017|

A recent Medicare trend has many seniors and their families very concerned. Those not in the know could pay several thousand dollars more than expected for treatment. The devil is in the details of the terminology related to admission classification. Alice’s recent experience, for example, didn’t turn out as expected. Alice, one of our dear [...]