Wills Trusts and Estate Planning

Remove the Mystery with a Letter of Instructions


Will your family know what to do after you pass, or will it be a mystery? Don’t leave them with the frustration of being in the dark. When a loved one dies, no one wants to play hide and seek for critical documents and key information. Instead, leave a letter of instructions. Betty was recently [...]

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Is Your Financial Advisor Asking for a Power of Attorney?


Tom and Alice are a young couple who recently completed their estate planning documents with us. Alice reached out to our office, asking about a call they recently got from their financial advisor. The advisor was requesting that Tom and Alice each provide a Power of Attorney for his file. Alice wanted to know if [...]

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Set Aside More for a Special Needs Child?


Estate planning isn’t always straightforward. Some family situations present difficult questions that can’t be answered very easily. Such is the case when a couple (I’ll call them Bob and Marie) were in my office asking how to provide for Jenny, their special needs child. At the moment, they weren’t facing a legal challenge as much [...]

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Estate Planning for Seniors with Special Needs


Developmental Disabilities on the Rise What kind of preparations are important to make for aging adults with developmental disabilities? Because we’re seeing more children in these situations, we also expect to see adults, and aging adults with special needs. With autism, for example, reported to be on the rise, it’s a good thing that more [...]

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Blended Families and Estate Planning


I’m often asked about the many situations that arise related to estate blended families and estate planning. The number of different scenarios and needs that present themselves is almost innumerable. Clients describe their situation and then pose the question, “What should we do?” While I can’t tell them what to do, I can share whatever [...]

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Does Your Facebook Have an Afterlife?


Stan is a client who came to my office and shared some great stories about an old friend who had passed away a couple years ago. We both got a chuckle over some of their high school antics. Stan went on to talk about how strange it was that he still got notices of his [...]

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“Mom, What Does Irrevocable Mean?”


Kids sometimes ask the strangest things, especially after watching TV ads. Eight year old Sally was watching TV one lazy Sunday morning when an interview aired between a local estate planning attorney and a news reporter. The topic was the irrevocable trust, a term Sally had never heard before. So she asked the smartest person [...]

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What Happens to Your Family When You Die


Everyone who knew Sam said, “He’s a great guy.” Sam was one of those people who seemed able to talk himself out of just about any situation. But when Sam suddenly passed away, his family found themselves with a mess on their hands, and no amount of talking would save them from spending an inordinate [...]

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Eric Knew His Dad Shouldn’t Be Driving…


It was late when the phone rang, but Eric knew from the tone of his father’s voice that the news was not good. “What is it, Dad?” Eric asked, afraid to hear the answer. “Eric, I’ve had a car accident. I’m fine, but there is some damage.” “Dad! That’s your 3rd accident in two months!” [...]

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Buying a Home and Losing Sleep?


Phil and his wife Marie began married life like many couples do – in a small apartment fit for two. As the years went by, the young couple’s dreams grew with their incomes. On their 5-year wedding anniversary, Phil broached the subject of buying their first home. Marie’s initial reaction was excitement. Sure, having more [...]

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