5 Facts About Workers’ Comp in Missouri

2020-12-18T16:33:12-06:00March 1st, 2015|

Has a coworker said you don’t need to see a doctor for that minor on-the-job injury? Or perhaps you’ve heard that workers’ comp insurance won’t cover you for the first 6 months of your employment? Be careful…your coworker may not be your best source of information about workers’ compensation in Missouri. Workers’ compensation laws are [...]

Your Liability as an Employer: Why You Need to Care

2020-03-19T18:50:40-05:00February 15th, 2015|

If you own a business in Missouri, you must know and understand your employer liability. Employment categories, worker reporting, liability types, wages and taxes are just a few of the issues rife with rules and regulations that, if avoided, can create serious consequences. For example, did you know that any Missouri employer knowingly failing to [...]

Injured on the Job in Missouri? Here’s What You Need to Know

2018-05-07T16:55:05-05:00January 15th, 2015|

Are you covered at your workplace by Workers’ Compensation Insurance? Most employees are, with a few exceptions. You can easily find out by looking for or asking about a Workers’ Comp posting, often placed on the bulletin board in the employee lunchroom, or another common area where workers gather. This post will also explain what [...]

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