Dementia and Estate Planning: Brian Quinn talks about estate planning and some of the challenges related to dementia. If documents have not been completed before the onset of Alzheimer’s, it might be more difficult to get them done. The question of testamentary capacity becomes important. Planning and care options become very limited when an individual cannot readily identify family members and make good decisions. (Run time 3:26)

Travel Planning Documents: Brian Quinn talks about preparing for trip or vacation, and what kind of planning should be done to prepare for the unexpected. What happens if you become injured, incapacitated, or worse? How will decisions be made regarding your health care, your material possessions, and your children? Learn about the four core documents you should consider, and what kind of advance planning is recommended. (Run time 3:50)

Special Needs Planning: Do you have an adult or child with special needs in your family? Properly combining financial and estate planning will maximize their quality of life by allowing them to benefit from an inheritance, without risking a denial of government benefits. (Run time 3:58)

Estate Planning and Elder Care: Long term care costs are rising, and government benefits have become more difficult to obtain. For example: advance planning is often required in order to qualify for certain government benefits. The best solutions come from being proactive and combining legal, tax and financial planning. (Run time 4:18)

Wills vs Trusts – What do they do? A will does not keep you out of the probate court process, while a trust will do that, saving a great deal of time and expense. A trust serves as a complete set of instructions. Powers of attorney for healthcare and finance are also critical pieces of your estate planning documents. (Run time 3:56)

Estate planning SOLUTIONS, not just documents:  Estate planning is much more than just ink on paper. It’s a set of instructions, saying what to do with the resources we leave for our loved ones and to make sure they receive it at the right time. It involves both an attorney to put those documents in place, and a financial advisor to make sure that the funds are properly set up. (Run time 3:51)

Properly prepare for a spouse’s long-term care How do you properly prepare for the long-term care of a spouse, especially if there is a special need or disability involved? The government doesn’t want to force both members of a couple to spend down their entire estate, and therefore both be on government benefits. That’s where something comes into play called the Medicaid division of assets process. (Run time 4:30)

2018 Changes – VA Pension With Aid and Attendance Program: More veterans now quality for certain VA benefits. Brian Quinn in Great Day, discussing new 2018 rules related to VA Aid and attendance benefits. The VA implemented a 3-year look-back, similar to Medicaid. The VA now allows for a higher net worth. There are ways to configure your estate in order to maximize your benefits. (Run time 3:14)