Special Needs Planning is the process of helping families address the legal needs of a loved one with a disability.  This planning will include addressing not only the financial needs of a disabled loved one in the future, but providing for them without effecting government benefits that they may depend on, such as Medicaid and SSI.  Without proper planning, leaving an inheritance to a disabled loved one may force them into court, and worse, may jeopardize the government benefits that they rely on.

A Special Needs Trust allows someone to set aside funds for a loved one with a disability without effecting that loved one’s eligibility for government aid.  A properly drafted Special Needs Trust will allow the trustee to supplement the government benefits of your disabled loved one, creating a better quality of life for them in the future.

Our law firm can help families address the complex issues associated with caring for a disabled loved one, and can help assure that their future is secure.