New applications of technology are making their way into the world of senior care in Missouri and the St. Louis region.

It’s helping communities deliver better care, offering seniors more options and helping families stay far better connected with their aging loved ones.

Most people don’t associate seniors with new technology. From wearables to touch screens to on-premises sensors, new tools and applications are now available, making it easy for seniors and their families to use. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter how much experience mom or dad has with the latest gadgets.

No Tech Skills Needed

In one brief generation, advancements in technology have left some of our aging parents in the dust. Others have kept up surprisingly well. But we’re now seeing new tools that can be used, both by the least tech savvy seniors, and those with great computer skills. Some systems are as simple as the senior pushing a button or icon on a touch screen, but offering more complex administrative functions for families and caregivers.

Expansive Capabilites

Senior care technology is now being used to track wellness, monitor daily activities, connect with family members, offer entertainment, and even enjoy church services.

Systems in senior care communities, for example, offer a HIPAA compliant connection with medical care givers, where assessments can be performed and evaluated, along with reminders to take the right medications at the right time.

Sensors in doors and appliances and floor mats help families and communities monitor daily habits, with alerts being set if routines fall outside of specified norms.

Applications can also be added to watch favorite TV shows, access the internet, check up on Facebook, enjoy music therapy and get advice and information. The possibilities keep expanding.

At Home or in a Community

The GrandCare system is a great example of a tool that can be used, either for aging at home or through various stages of care in a community. In fact, some are using it as a transitional tool. Moving from a long-loved home to an unfamiliar senior care community can be stressful and intimidating. Making use of a tool like GrandCare smooths the process, making it more comfortable for seniors and their families.

The system can be installed in the home with many or few of the available applications, depending on individual wishes. Warm up, for example, with Facebook and Skype to connect with family members.  Then bringing the system into the senior community offers a sense of familiarity and comfort in a brand new environment.

Those who wish to remain in the home as they age will also find the system to be useful in connecting with their in-home care service. Costs can sometimes be reduced while improving the quality of care with more frequent communication.

Connecting Within the Community

Some systems, like SkyNet, incorporate wearables that offer reporting analytics, cloud-based resident care systems and a family connection portal. Is mom or dad enjoying the expected level of mobility? How can we be sure that they’re not wandering off into a danger zone?  And how can a staff member be quickly notified if there’s a problem? These are just some of the issues being addressed to an increasing degree.

Families now have greater assurance that their loved ones are getting better care, while maintaining a meaningful connection with their loved ones and care givers.

How Will Senior Care Technology Help You?

This is just an introduction to the many emerging possibilities related to technology and senior care. To learn more, you can do your own online research or contact our offices to find out more about the possibilities in the St. Louis region.

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