St. Louis hasn’t always been known for being innovative leaders in the senior community scene. Neither have we had the sheer number of communities enjoyed by other metropolitan areas. Instead, we’ve lagged behind cities like Dallas and Denver for many years. That, however, might be changing. We’re now seeing several new or improved senior communities coming on the scene, giving us more options than we’ve had before. It could be a game changer for you and your family.

What’s Shiny and New: More Communities on the St. Louis Landscape

Will St. Louis become a shining example for other cities to follow? That remains to be seen. But with a whopping thirteen new or remodeled communities in our area, the landscape is changing for the better.

The Rundown

These properties are mostly spread out over the south and west parts of St. Louis and St. Charles counties. We’d like to see a few more spread out to other areas, but this is a pretty comprehensive list of what’s new or remodeled.

  • Avalon Assisted Living & Memory Care: South County
  • Cedarhurst Assisted Living & Memory Care: St Charles
  • Cottages of Lake St. Louis: St. Charles County
  • Mason Pointe: Town & Country
  • Mattis Pointe an Americare property: South County
  • Provision Living of Des Peres: West County
  • The Sheridans of St. Louis – 3 new communities: Chesterfield, Creve Coeur and Sunset Hills
  • Stonecrest in the areas of Clayton, Town and Country, with one to come in Wildwood
  • The Gables of Cottleville: St. Charles County

More Specialties

More than ever, senior communities recognize the need for more specialized services. We see a greater commitment to memory care and rehab. Skilled nursing, both for rehab and long term, is now more available. We also now have the first skilled community in Missouri using the Green House model.

While it’s not always related to a specialty, some communities have more updated amenities than we’ve seen in the past, both in general and related to rehabilitation.

What’s NOT New: The Tried and True

What’s not new on the St. Louis Senior scene are the many proven, well-established communities already in existence. Think about the old oak tree that has marked the landscape with beauty for several decades. Families have found comfort in their shade for as long as they can remember.

Established communities with high marks enjoy a good reputation for a reason. Having spent many years building a team and a culture of care, they’ve served seniors well. It’s something that doesn’t happen automatically. When considering the (now) many options in the St. Louis area, don’t forget about those communities that have proven themselves.

New and updated are great. So is a solid, long standing reputation for excellence. Fortunately, here in the St. Louis area, we now have more senior communities to compare and choose.